Friday, July 17, 2009

Oregon in July!

I went up to Mom's, up on the Oregon Coast, to celebrate her birthday and to tame her wild yard. My "brother" Chris and his friend Mercedes was there and we all went out on the local tour, with Shore Acres included. The Oregon coastline is spectacular and here's a photo to prove it.

Of course, at Shore Acres Botanical Gardens, there are always lots of flowers during this time of year. I practiced my macro techniques on some of the flowers and got some good results.

The pond had some great lilypads and I took a few really nice artsy abstracts.

Mom and I took a nice drive on some Oregon backroads and ran across this nice picnic area underneath some very large bigleaf maples. The Oregon rainforest is very good at growing trees, as well as moss.

On the way back from Mom's, I made a short little stop at Crater Lake National Park. It was an idyllic day and I got an early start so, the sun was still at a good angle for photography. After I took a series of pictures on a rocky outcropping on the edge of the caldera, a Park Ranger was waiting for me with a stern look on his face. He reminded me that such activities were dangerous and that I shouldn't be doing them. I replied that I have lots of experience but, he seemed like he wasn't in the mood for an argument. I decided that I couldn't win against his badge and uniform so, I moved on down the road to find another cliff to stand on and shoot until my camera battery was gone.

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